Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did you leave the corporate life?

We wanted to spend our time doing what we wanted to do. After years of working up to 80 hours a week then being constantly harassed during a one week vacation, my husband decided that he had enough. What is the point of earning 6 weeks of vacation to be in constant contact with your corporate office every day you are "off" through emails or phone calls?

Is this a website to encourage people to become truckers?

No. This is a site that showcases our journey to following our passion. This is what we are promoting... follow YOUR passion. If you want to be a trucker, we are happy to help you with that as well.

Are you going to filter your blog?

No. We are going to manage the information you get based on what we think is relevant to our story. I am sure that no one wants to know how many times I brushed my teeth last Tuesday. We are here to document our journey and if any of our stories helps you, then we have reached our goal.

Do you answer your phone?

Of course! We answer our text messages on a daily basis. As far as answering your phone calls, that is based on when you call. Because it is most safe to return calls when we are parked and taking a break from driving, there isn't a set time when calls are answered.