About Us


Our Passion

After decades of corporate life, my husband decided that he was ready for a change. In fact, he needed one! For years, he wanted to work as a truck driver. We looked into the possibility and found that team trucking was an excellent fit for our personalities and work ethic.

Now I am on the road with my spouse every day.... every day.... Each one is an adventure. So keep an eye our my blog to see how we are adjusting to our new life responsibilities.

Our Story

In a dark country bar, my husband walked in with a 3 piece suit on! I couldn't believe that someone would be so odd. But, this was just the beginning of our grand love affair. This man, my #SexyHusband, couldn't be more perfect for me if I opened up a build a man website and selected all my options.

Even still, every day is a challenge. The longer we are on the truck, the more "special" our time together is. Did I say it was going to perfect? I hope not. Because it's not perfect, but it's working out perfectly. Read our blog.

Meet the Team

Our team is more than just my husband and myself. In order to make the magic happen, we have to depend on many support staff to keep us running. Also, our dispatchers, peer drivers, expert drivers, and managers have been a huge asset in getting us down the road.



Team Driver 1

A teacher for 14 years! I can't believe that I am driving a big ole truck... but every day is an adventure.



Team Driver 2

After working in corporate America for 30 years, he decided that he was ready for a change. Wanting to ensure his family's financial future was just the first step in deciding what we were going to do!

Taking all his business savvy on the road has yielded exceptional results.


Misc Expert Driver

Dispatcher/Expert Driver

This team member has decided to be quoted not featured. However, without his expert advice...we couldn't make the magic happen. Thank you expert driver for keeping us alive.

Next Steps...

Do you want to know more about the day to day.... check out my blog.