Follow Your Passion

When you have something in your life that fulfills your passion, you will find your days flow and feel complete. It's funny how I can spend 18 hours writing and never feel like time passed.

There is great joy in following your passion and spending your days with the people that make you feel complete... do it. You deserve your happy.

Freedom At Last!

This blog is an ongoing record of our adventure. I hope that you will find information here that will assist you in making the decision to follow your passion. I know that for us it is trucking, but your passion is what you would do if you won the lottery and never had to work again.


Next Steps...

Take a moment to read our blog. I think that you will find information there that you will enjoy. In the beginning, we were most concerned with how we would live and keep our kid in college. Now, we have moved on to the real challenges of living on a truck.

If you have ever done this successfully or otherwise, please let us know your perspective is highly valued and appreciated.